Edit Config RertroPie

This is the easiest way to edit the RetroPie's config file to change some settings.Open Putty (download it here)Enter the IP address and click connectType the following commandscd /lscd /bootsudo nano config.txtEnter the following information at the end of the config file.#Arcade1UP Power Buttondtoverlay=gpio-shutdownOnce the changes have been made, press Ctrl + X to save … Continue reading Edit Config RertroPie

How to install a new Theme in RetroPie

Install "WinSCP"  https://winscp.net/eng/index.php  Make sure you select Commander View.Locate the IP on your PiOpen the WinSCP, enter IP of the Pi, Enter Username "pi" password "raspberry"On the remote window (right side) click the Folder Up button twice to get to the root of the Pi.When you see folders bin and boot, then you are at the … Continue reading How to install a new Theme in RetroPie

Resources for Federal Employees – Shutdown 2019

UPDATING:  Last Update 01/17/2019 11:37am ESTFollow These Hashtags on Twitter for more information: #ShutdownHelp #ShutdownStories #ShutdownAssistance DIABETIC SUPPLIES: If you are suffering from the shutdown and in need of diabetic supplies, we may be able to connect you to help.  Please contact @AltUSPressSec on Twitter or by email at AltUSPressSec@protonmail.com  PLEASE REACH OUT AND TALK ABOUT IT!TSP … Continue reading Resources for Federal Employees – Shutdown 2019