Blue/Green – The Thinking Relator

I am the most inward acting of all the behavioral styles. I like to work independently on familiar tasks that I can direct and control.

I am restrained, diplomatic and accommodating. I think of myself as a true perfectionist when dealing with tasks and people. If I fully understand the situation, I can give it my best effort.

I generally see a better way and a worse way to do things, and I know which one I would like to avoid. I do not like conflict and often find myself as not only an administrator who goes by the book, but also as someone people will come to for a balanced and thoughtful response.

My tendencies include:

  • I follow established expectations and rules
  • I attend precisely to details and ensure follow-through
  • I dislike opposition, hostility, confrontation and adversity
  • I must have stability and clarity in what people expect from me
  • I am generally restrained, face saving and reluctant to get involved
  • I tend to become more reserved, indirect, even secretive under pressure
  • I do not like public recognition or making presentations

My Potential Limiters:

With tasks: Because I am continually on the lookout for ideal solutions, I may miss the less than perfect opportunities. I could benefit from developing more realistic expectations, adjusting to less than perfect alternatives, in my pursuit of success.

With people: I am uncomfortable with in depth involvement with people, so I could benefit by improving my social skills, getting to know and appreciate different types of people.

  • I should be more open and forthright in expressing my thoughts
  • I need to be more genuinely open to people different from myself
  • I hope to identify at least two new growth goals each year that involve improving my adaptability