So, most of us know that JAVA is bad for you..  No, not the Java that you drink, but the JAVA that is on your computer.  Back in January JAVA was found to be vulnerable and in a very bad way, so bad that the Department of Homelad Security called it a “National Security Risk” as the current java, JAVA 6.37, had over 86 vulnerabilities.  DHS went even further to instruct users to either disable or uninstall JAVA.

Well a month later we are starting to see big named companies being hacked due to these JAVA vulnerabilities.  Last week Facebook announced that they were hacked.  The string of hacks have primarily exploited vulnerabilities in the programming language Java, which is installed on most computers by default. Facebook said the site responsible for its attack took advantage of a previously unknown Java vulnerability, which Oracle patched on February 1.

Apple now says that it was targeted by the same crew that recently hit Facebook, and managed to infect a “small number” of the company’s computers.  At the moment, Apple says “there was no evidence that any data left” its facilities, but that could change as the firm works with law enforcement. There are few details to share right now, but if Apple knows the attack—very narrow in scale, most likely a focused malware infection—is related to Facebook’s, then this is a Chinese job.

So with all this info coming in, it is still best to REMOVE JAVA from your comptuer.  SUN has proven that their JAVA can not be trusted and is too vulnerabe.