$60 Million to Syria?

WTF?!?!So the United States is sending $60 Million to Syria in aid to help the resistance.  This troubles me significantly on two aspects.

1. We are sending money to an “Axis of Evil”.
— How do we guarantee that the money will be spent on what is needed, “AID”, and not guns and bullets.
— What is our Return On Investment?  What do we have to gain?

2.  We have a Federal Budget CRISIS!!
— We have employees that are about to be laid off for 22 day with no pay, and no compensation.
— Teachers will be laid off and doors to schools will be shut due to loss in financial aid to schools for Head Start and Early Start.
— Veterans will lose medical care or have severe delay in care due to loss in contracted doctors and Civil Service Doctors.


None of this makes sence.  They are acting like kindergartener and are spoiled rotten!  We need to RECALL all Congressmen and the President if they can’t work this out.