North Korea is okay, but not Cuba

APTOPIX North Korea RodmanSo we all have heard that Dennis Rodman went to North Korea and visited with the North Korean Leader last month. Well, it seemed like a joke and everyone was all light hearted about it. Rodman, said he plans to vacation with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. I don’t condone what he does, but he’s my friend,” Rodman told KXJB while in Fargo, North Dakota, for a promotional appearance.


JayZ_cubaSo last week, JayZ and Beyonce visit Cuba and meet with nobody of political power and they are chastised by members of Congress for violating a tourism embargo.


My first thought is, so what!  Why is congress causing a fit over JayZ and his wife visiting a country that poses no threat to the United States, while no one even flinched when   Rodman visits a country that actively threatening us, sits down with the leader and eats dinner with him, plays ball with him, and hugs him.

So to recap, it’s okay to visit North Korea, just not Cuba.  Something smells fishy here and I can’t quite figure it out yet, but I am sure that it will surface soon!