Waste of money for Furlough Notices

DoD-Furlough-NoticesSo you may think that this sequestration and government furloughs are saving the government money. Well think again, as many workers are receiving their furlough notices this week, they are reporting copious amounts of waste.  The average furlough letter is three pages or two pieces of paper, so each employee is required to sign a letter that they acknowledge the furloughs may take place and then the employee is given a copy.  So now this is one document is four pieces of paper. This is happening all over the Department of Defense, all 718,000 employees.  While this does not add up to much compared to the multi-million dollar programs that are being cut back, it does show a lack of desire to save money.  Every single one of the letters could have been electronically signed with the employee’s Smart Card, saving over $51,000 in paper alone.

While I know that Congress may not care about me personally, I do however care about the waste that I see every day in the government.  Now threatening my way of life because their waste is totally unacceptable.