Have Proof, But Lawton Says No You Don’t!

Something that has been bothering me since KSWO did a story about Electronic Insurance Verification for cars… See Story Here

Oklahoma Insurance Department released a bulletin (VIEW HERE)2 weeks ago stating that Nothing in the Insurance Code precludes a law enforcement officer from recognizing an electronic version of a security verification form that has been approved by the OID. Therefore, the Oklahoma Insurance Department does permit insurers to issue security verification forms in electronic format as well as in paper format.

Oklahoma Statute, Title 47, Chapter 7, Article 6, Section 7 (See Code): Whereas Paragraph 5 clearly states that “ “Security verification form” means a form, approved by the Insurance Commissioner, verifying the existence of security required by the Compulsory Insurance Law.”

Lawton City Code 23-1-103 Paragraph A & D (See Code): Does NOT specifically rule out electronic versions.

So then who is breaking the law? Am I breaking the law by adhering to State Statues, or is the City breaking the law by not recognizing that the Oklahoma Statue is the Law of the Land.

So the big argument it that electronic forms can be forged. To that I say, so can paper forms. Someone can get insurance and then cancel it a week later and they still have the paper copy. That is why the state has paid millions info an “Online Insurance Verification System”. This system was fully functional on July 7, 2009. (See Press Release).

This is just another example of Lawton Politics…….