Leave Me Alone!!

I have been flooded with telemarketer calls from “Credit Card Services” for the last 2 months.  I am getting as many as three calls a day from these people. The sad thing is that they are using so many different numbers, it’s hard to figure out if the call is legit or a spammer.  If you call the number back, you hear a recording that the number has been disconnected.  I have had my cell number for over ten years now and don’t plan on giving it up, but I am becoming more frustrated with this.  I am on the national “Do Not Call” list, and reregister every January to ensure my numbers are on the list.

I have filed a complaint with the FCC and FTC, but likely nothing will happen.  So I am left with these stupid calls.  I can block the number on my iPhone, and have done so, but they keep calling from other numbers now…

Here is a list of known SPAMMERS that have called me:

  • 703-844-6828 (VA)
  • 320-515-8730 (MN)
  • 620-504-7452 (AZ)
  • 609-624-5231 (NJ)
  • 406-980-2030 (MT)
  • 631-665-8769 (NY)
  • 503-543-5471 (OR)
  • 517-641-0982 (MI)