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I am fed up with the internet company here in Lawton, I’ve been dealing with this since Sept 11th, 2012.  So my final attempt is to write a letter to the President, CEO, CFO, and the rest of the board.  We’ll see what Happens!

From: Matthew Eccles
Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2014 10:45 PM
Subject: Lawton Internet Issues – PLEASE HELP!!
Importance: High

My name is Matthew Eccles, and I live at (removed) in Lawton, OK.  I am a Microsoft System Administrator at Reynolds Army Hospital on Fort Sill. I have been a 50MB customer since AUG 2012 after buying our home.  It wasn’t too long after, that we noticed that there was something wrong (Attached e-mail)

I am writing this as my final plea to Fidelity to fix the internet in Lawton, Oklahoma.  I have been complaining for over 18 months about the internet being slow, horrible ping times, and packet loss. Yes, you read correctly EIGHTEEN MONTHS…  I have called into the call center several time, many times with no answer by a representative, to complain about the slow speeds at night (6pm-11pm).

On September 11th, 2012 I made an e-mail complaint because the Customer Service number was not working.  I asked for help and shortly thereafter I had an email with a follow-up phone call from Mike Gorzik.  I was in contact with him for a few days but then the issue seamed to no longer need his attention.

I continue to complain and on April 26th of 2013, I recorded a video of speed tests on the Lawton server, again paying for 50MB but only receiving about 5MB.  Then again on April 29th of 2013, I recorded another video and posted it to YouTube ( in hopes of making enough noise to get this fixed. I posted this on the Fidelity Facebook page and it got noticed the next day.

I have been in, at the very least, weekly contact with Wayne Disney at the local Lawton office ever since the beginning of this.  Wayne has been very helpful with sending multiple tech out to my house and even after business hours.  They were able to eliminate my home network and the line to my house as the reason of my slow speeds.  There for a while last year, Wayne had tested a setup that had me working at 95% of the 50MB 24/7.  A few weeks later it was removed and I was told that they were going to upgrade all of Lawton.  January of 2014 rolled around and still no upgrade in place, meanwhile the new XBOX ONE rolled out and my family and I can’t play due to the slow speeds and packet loss. Our node was supposedly upgraded during the first week of February but three weeks later I am still having the 13 month old issue of slow speeds at night and packet loss.

My only goal out of this is to get the internet system in Lawton working, because even after all the supposed upgrades, it’s still not working.  I have been extremely patient, understanding, and even forbearing.  I have given Fidelity over 18 months to get this resolved with countless nights that my family has been unable to watch a movie on Netflix or play XBOX with their friends.  While I have been compensated for a few of the months, I am still paying entirely too much for the speed that I am receiving and thusly is unfair and many people would consider fraudulent.

I have included several speed tests from my computer over the last year and can provide many more to include videos of several speed tests and ping tests.  I also have them on my facebook page for you to view several of them over the last year

I am beyond frustrated, I just want quality service and to get what I am paying for, am I asking too much?

Thank you

Matthew Eccles

Lawton, OK

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  1. I have been living in Lawton for very long periods of time, and fidelity is probably the worst service I have ever seen from an Internet company. Amy grandparents have fidelity as well paying for the 8mb but only get about 250kbs. I at my home receive no better then 500kbs paying for the 16mb. My internet also goes out constantly and I have never gotten a support desk rep to answer even once on the phone. Sadly the options out here are worthless. I feel your pain bud, this internet is a joke.

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