Values In A Job

Through out my life I have acquired a set of values, beliefs, and ideas that have become important to me.  In order for me to be happy, successful, and gratifying I have had to act on these values. Occasionally taking a look my values and taking them into account when I am unhappy, desire more money, or even when offered a change in my career path.

Reflecting on my values has been the most important factor that determines what direction I take to be satisfied with that aspect of my career.  My work values are both intrinsic, relating to the actual tasks involved in practicing a particular occupation, and relating to the by-products of an occupation.

So there are some career values that I have and I have listed them below.

  • Advancement Potential – Does your present position offer opportunities for advancement? Do you have a career path or room for growth in your current position?
  • Compensation – Are you satisfied with your earnings? In evaluating compensation, it’s important to examine your total compensation package: pay, bonuses, benefits, stock options and other perks.
  • Enjoyment – Do you enjoy your job? Is it challenging, meaningful, satisfying, rewarding? Do you look forward to work each day?
  • Opportunities – Even if you don’t love your job or earn what you think you deserve, sometimes it is wise to remain in position because it may open doors to new opportunities.
  • Recognition – How does your employer recognize, appreciate and reward its employees? Are your own contributions recognized? If not, proactively seek feedback and address any concerns in your performance review or in a meeting with your supervisor or mentor.
  • Stress Level (Low) – Does your job cause you stress? Are you losing sleep at night over work?
  • Work Life Balance – Does your job offer a balanced lifestyle? Are long hours and evening or weekend work part of the job? Does your employer offer flexible work arrangements?
  • Working Conditions – Work environment plays a large role in job satisfaction. If you are not happy with your working conditions, it will affect your attitude, productivity and performance. Evaluate whether the problems with your work environment are something you can remedy.

So after matching up each value with each other, and assigning a higher value or winner, I have come up with a priority for each value.  So I now I can tell if my current career matches up with my values.

Career Value

Here are some other career values that you can consider:

  • Autonomy: receiving no or little supervision
  • Helping Others: providing assistance to individuals or groups
  • Prestige: having high standing
  • Job Security: a high probability that one will remain employed
  • Collaboration: working with others
  • Helping Society: contributing to the betterment of the world
  • Achievement: doing work that yields results
  • Utilizing Your Skills and Background: using your education and work experience to do your job
  • Leadership: supervising/managing others
  • Creativity: using your own ideas
  • Variety: doing different activities
  • Challenge: performing tasks that are difficult
  • Leisure: having adequate time away from work
  • Artistic Expression: expressing one’s artistic talents
  • Influence: having the ability to affect people’s opinions and ideas