Fidelity Communications increases speed of Internet

Fidelity Communications customers in Lawton will see increased Internet speeds at no additional charge beginning Monday, the company announced.

Both download and upload speeds are now faster. Download speeds for 25-meg customers more than doubled to 60 megabits per second. Customers with 50-meg service were upgraded to 100-meg speeds, with much faster 5-meg upload speeds, the company said.

Also receiving faster service are 8-meg Internet customers, now at 10 megs, and 16-meg customers, who are increased to 20-meg download speeds. All customers received corresponding increases in upload speeds of up to 300 percent.

“Fidelity prides itself on being the speed leader in all its service areas,” said Missy Poje, director of marketing. “We provide the fastest Internet speeds in every market we serve and believe in making the necessary investment to maintain that status.”

Fidelity requires no contract, offers free installation and has no data caps, she said.

The faster broadband also fuels new Fidelity’s Watch TV Everywhere service, which allows TV customers to watch selected channels on multiple mobile devices wherever they go. Wired connections and in-home WiFi will provide the best quality.