Virtual Pinball


So I decided to try my hands at a virtual pinball table.

Hello. My name is Matthew, and I am a pinball junkie. Digital or virtual pinball offers an alternative to owning multiple physical tables and packing them into one. There are over 500 real-world tables you can play recreations of either on your iPhone or PC, fully licensed by the original manufacturers. Not too many locations in the world that can boast that number and these won’t ever be down for maintenance. Various companies make digital pinball cabinets, with working DMD screens, digital backboxes, working solenoids, shaker motors, and tilt bobs to seriously blur the line between real and digital. Original pinball titles doing things only possible in the digital realm have swelled in number, with one company having over 70 titles that also offer full cabinet support. The beautiful thing about digital pinball is its low-cost entry to maximum fun. For the typical price of 5 plays these days, you can permanently own the digital version. In a tournament with a table, you are unfamiliar with? Odds are you can play it on your phone and come up with a strategy quickly. Not sure if you want to buy a machine that you’ll maybe get bored of? Play it for 2 weeks straight digitally and see how deep the rules really are.


Parts List:

Here is a great guide in sizing your cabinet. Remember to work around the playfield TV.
50″ is a good size to start with