Fort Sill’s New Fitness Center

Fort Sill opens a new Fitness Center today! The Fires Fitness Center, offers hourly child care so you can bring your children while you work out. Children must be registered with CYSS to be eligible for child care. The center provides a huge weight room area with cardio equipment, an indoor track, racquetball courts, 3 basketball … Continue reading Fort Sill’s New Fitness Center

RACH Gone, As We Know It

Fort Sill is losing a lot of services soon in just one building!  Reynolds Army Community Hospital will soon be transformed into Reynolds Army Health Clinic.  later this year, RACH will no longer offer in house surgeries, in-patient services, maternal child care and deliveries, These services will be outsourced to the greater TRICARE network.  This … Continue reading RACH Gone, As We Know It

LT. Dan Band Concert

Gary Sinise & the LT. Dan Band ConcertDate: Apr. 23, 2016, 6 - 9 p.m.Fort Sill Polo ClubGary Sinise and the LT. Dan Band will perform a FREE concert on Saturday, April 23 at the Fort Sill Polo Field. There’s something for everyone to enjoy as the band covers hits throughout all genres from classic rock to pop hits and everything in-between. … Continue reading LT. Dan Band Concert

Thumper Bio Monitor

Making a Biosphere monitor for Turtle Thumper.  Wanting to view Air & Water Temp as well as humidity.  Also plan on adding a pH probe and Salinity probe.Arduino Code://   DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor//   DS18B20 Waterproof Temperature Probe//   Displayed on I2C LCD Display//   Credits: Matthew Eccles  /*-----( Import Libraries … Continue reading Thumper Bio Monitor

Depression IS an illness

News broke that Robin Williams had passed away, due to apparent suicide following severe depression. As the vast majority of people will likely have already said, this was terribly heart-breaking news. Such aniconic, talented and beloved figure will have no shortage of tributes paid to him and his incredible legacy. It’s also worth noting that Robin Williams was open … Continue reading Depression IS an illness

Soldier injured on duty, now not getting paid.

The ARMY’s Soldier Creed is full of tradition and values that have stood for centuries and are at the core of each and every soldier. One of lines in the creed states that “I will never leave a fallen comrade”, but it seems that the ARMY has forgotten about SGT Marc C. Daniel and his … Continue reading Soldier injured on duty, now not getting paid.

Proposed county sales tax would help out fire departments

Comanche County officials have a week left to convince residents to vote in favor of their proposed sales tax.The money would go toward the rising costs of operating the county jail amongst other uses. The proposal would extend a current one-eighth cent tax and add another one-eighth to it. The sales tax doesn't just fund … Continue reading Proposed county sales tax would help out fire departments