Why Do People Hate SharePoint?

People who know me, know that I love SharePoint.  But if you ask the majority of the people in the Army, you will hear quite the opposite!  Typically users don’t love SharePoint, especially when forced to use it, many will openly admit their hate and distant of SharePoint. Why’s that?Here is a list of common … Continue reading Why Do People Hate SharePoint?

Values In A Job

Through out my life I have acquired a set of values, beliefs, and ideas that have become important to me.  In order for me to be happy, successful, and gratifying I have had to act on these values. Occasionally taking a look my values and taking them into account when I am unhappy, desire more … Continue reading Values In A Job

Fidelity’s Reply

I received a reply to my letter from one of the owners of Fidelity Communications, Mr. Mike Davis.From: Mike.Davis@fidelitycommunications.comTo: Matthew EcclesCC: John.Colbert@fidelitycommunications.com; Mike.Gorzik@fidelitycommunications.com; Wayne.Disney@fidelitycommunications.com; Craig.Montgomery@fidelitycommunications.com; Mike.Davis@fidelitycommunications.com; Andy.Davis@fidelitycommunications.com; Kathy.Ruwwe@fidelitycommunications.com; Helpdesk@fidelitycommunications.com; CustServ@FidelityCommunications.com; BusinessSales@fidelitycommunications.comSubject: Re: Lawton Internet Issues - PLEASE HELP!!Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 13:32:28 +0000Mr. Eccles,I wanted to confirm that I have received this and sent … Continue reading Fidelity’s Reply

Fidelity Communications

I am fed up with the internet company here in Lawton, I've been dealing with this since Sept 11th, 2012.  So my final attempt is to write a letter to the President, CEO, CFO, and the rest of the board.  We'll see what Happens!From: Matthew EcclesSent: Sunday, March 02, 2014 10:45 PMTo: john.colbert@fidelitycommunications.com; Mike.Gorzik@fidelitycommunications.com; Wayne.Disney@fidelitycommunications.com; craig.montgomery@fidelitycommunications.com; Mike.Davis@fidelitycommunications.com; Andy.Davis@fidelitycommunications.com; … Continue reading Fidelity Communications

City Council Lies to Public and to My Family.

I have been told for over 2 months now to contact Fidelis Group and Mayor Fitch assured the public that Fidelis Group would handle their complaints.  But after the reply I got today, I feel that i have been deceived and lied to.Mr. Eccles—Since we have been focused on internal operations and activities and speaking with Police Officers, we … Continue reading City Council Lies to Public and to My Family.

Have Proof, But Lawton Says No You Don’t!

Something that has been bothering me since KSWO did a story about Electronic Insurance Verification for cars… See Story HereOklahoma Insurance Department released a bulletin (VIEW HERE)2 weeks ago stating that Nothing in the Insurance Code precludes a law enforcement officer from recognizing an electronic version of a security verification form that has been approved … Continue reading Have Proof, But Lawton Says No You Don’t!