Fidelity Communications increases speed of Internet

Fidelity Communications customers in Lawton will see increased Internet speeds at no additional charge beginning Monday, the company announced.Both download and upload speeds are now faster. Download speeds for 25-meg customers more than doubled to 60 megabits per second. Customers with 50-meg service were upgraded to 100-meg speeds, with much faster 5-meg upload speeds, the … Continue reading Fidelity Communications increases speed of Internet

Why Do People Hate SharePoint?

People who know me, know that I love SharePoint.  But if you ask the majority of the people in the Army, you will hear quite the opposite!  Typically users don’t love SharePoint, especially when forced to use it, many will openly admit their hate and distant of SharePoint. Why’s that?Here is a list of common … Continue reading Why Do People Hate SharePoint?

Fidelity’s Reply

I received a reply to my letter from one of the owners of Fidelity Communications, Mr. Mike Davis.From: Mike.Davis@fidelitycommunications.comTo: Matthew EcclesCC:;;;;;;;;; BusinessSales@fidelitycommunications.comSubject: Re: Lawton Internet Issues - PLEASE HELP!!Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 13:32:28 +0000Mr. Eccles,I wanted to confirm that I have received this and sent … Continue reading Fidelity’s Reply

Fidelity Communications

I am fed up with the internet company here in Lawton, I've been dealing with this since Sept 11th, 2012.  So my final attempt is to write a letter to the President, CEO, CFO, and the rest of the board.  We'll see what Happens!From: Matthew EcclesSent: Sunday, March 02, 2014 10:45 PMTo:;;;;;; … Continue reading Fidelity Communications

Apple accepts trade-ins!

Starting today, Apple will be offering an in-store trade-in program for iPhones. The program complements Apple's existing online effort, which gets you an Apple Store gift card in exchange for your old phone. Apple has reportedly confirmed the program, but there aren't details about how it'll work just yet. According to CNBC, the new program … Continue reading Apple accepts trade-ins!

GRLevel3 Tools

So I have come up with a few tools that I find very useful.Useful Sites: Mesonet Placefiles      -            (Oklahoma Mesonet)   -         (Oklahoma Mesonet Full Plot)  -       (West Texas Mesonet) -  (West Texas Mesonet Full Plot)  - … Continue reading GRLevel3 Tools

Yahoo redesigns Flickr, adds 1 terabyte of free storage and more!!

Hot on the heels of Yahoo spending a whopping $1.1 billion on Tumblr, the company has just released a huge update to Flickr. And to go along with the completely redesigned look and feel of the photo service, it is also greatly expanding the storage offered to users, up to a whopping one terabyte.Yahoo was … Continue reading Yahoo redesigns Flickr, adds 1 terabyte of free storage and more!!