RACH Ambulance Wrecked By Drunk Driver

An early morning accident with a pickup and an ambulance has caused quite the traffic headache at the intersection of West Gore and North Sheridan Road.Lawton Police Lt. John Schwenk said the accident occurred shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday when an ambulance traveling south on Sheridan Road was struck by a pickup, which had run … Continue reading RACH Ambulance Wrecked By Drunk Driver

SharePoint in the Operating Room

Improving Patient Safety with a Proven Operating Company Model!IntroductionTeamSTEPPS is a teamwork system designed for health care professionals that make it a powerful solution to improving patient safety and scientifically rooted in more than 20 years of research and lessons from the application of teamwork principles.  MEDCOM continues to roll out TeamSTEPPS Army wide.  SharePoint … Continue reading SharePoint in the Operating Room

Why Do People Hate SharePoint?

People who know me, know that I love SharePoint.  But if you ask the majority of the people in the Army, you will hear quite the opposite!  Typically users don’t love SharePoint, especially when forced to use it, many will openly admit their hate and distant of SharePoint. Why’s that?Here is a list of common … Continue reading Why Do People Hate SharePoint?

Values In A Job

Through out my life I have acquired a set of values, beliefs, and ideas that have become important to me.  In order for me to be happy, successful, and gratifying I have had to act on these values. Occasionally taking a look my values and taking them into account when I am unhappy, desire more … Continue reading Values In A Job

Office Status Board

Here is my weekend project.CODE:/*Small Office Message Board     By: Matthew EcclesCreated  18 OCT 2013www.matteccles.me Many times you are on the phone and someone walks up behind you and starts talking to you. So with this sign you can avoid this by displaying a small message on your desk. It also works as an AFK status message for … Continue reading Office Status Board

Waste of money for Furlough Notices

So you may think that this sequestration and government furloughs are saving the government money. Well think again, as many workers are receiving their furlough notices this week, they are reporting copious amounts of waste.  The average furlough letter is three pages or two pieces of paper, so each employee is required to sign a … Continue reading Waste of money for Furlough Notices

Furlough notices to Department of Defense civilian workers

Furlough notices are set to go out this week to civilian Department of Defense workers, setting the stage for 11 days of unpaid leave to start July 8.Furlough proposal notices are set to be delivered through June 5 triggering the 30-day notice required by law before leave can begin. The furloughs are part of the … Continue reading Furlough notices to Department of Defense civilian workers